Special Effects

Out of the box DX Studio offers many special Effect tools to give your production some extra sparkle. Make use of the built in and easy to use particle system to add some smoke, fire or explosions to your scene. The fast and easy sequencing system can add a new dimension of movement or object changes with out writing a single line of code.


Particle System
DX Studio's particle system is editable directly in the editor or for more control, all particle parameters are available via script. Full control over colour and alpha changes over time combine this with animated sprites to get fire, smoke, magic fairy lights, explosions and much more.

Use the built in sequencer to trigger scripts at any point in time or to simply rotate an object with out the use code. Create a camera fly through or change the parameter of an object by using key frames.

Animated sprites
Create fantastic explosions, magic effect by using a short animated set of images as particles or textures to use in a material.


Post-Processing effects
The editor includes a bank of useful effects including bloom, radial blur, fractal clouds, ocean, snow, rain and many more.



Vertex Morphing
If you need to manipulate vertices at runtime, morph targets allow you blend different meshes together at vertex level. This is particularly useful in facial animation, where you can define a base face position and additional positions for raised eyebrows, smile, etc. You can then blend proportionally to multiple targets at once, e.g. smile 50%, raise eyebrows 80%


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