Shader Technology

DX Studios Shader system offers ease of use, but with all the Shader technology power. Use the built in shaders or add your own. Choose from a wide range of post-processing effects which all have easy to use user interfaces. Simple to use Material based shaders, to give your projects that added edge and shine. All accessible directly from the editor or through our scripting system. Simple image power right at your finger tips.

Built in Material shaders
Simple to use material shaders, just add your images from the drop down list and let the software do the hard part. No need to see a line of shader code, unless you want to. Each material will let you add and edit your own shader routine from the built in script editor.


Many Shader Types
All the basic material shaders are present from, diffuse, specular, reflective (cubic and environment), bump, normal mapping all with global opacity settings.

Multi Texture shader
On top of the standard material shaders, DX Studio materials offer a multi texture shader, Blend between each texture using a multiply, lighten or darken mode.


Post-Processing Effects
The editor comes with over 20 built in post-processing effects including bloom,camera shake, clouds, fuzzy TV, glow trail, negative, old film, Radial blur, Rain and snow to mention a few. Download more from the huge online DX Studio library.


Ocean and Water Effects
Give your island a fully editable 3D ocean complete with swell, wave height, foam and much more. Simply add the effect to your scene and you will have an endless water world. Want to view your scene from under the ocean, simply add the underwater effect.