The pricing of DX Studio is as simple as we can make it! You can upgrade from any edition to a higher edition by just paying the difference in purchase price.

We do not use resellers, so you can be guaranteed the lowest price here.

Every copy of DX Studio includes 1 year of free updates to the very latest version. Product renewal lets you extend your support and updates by another year.

Product Purchase (includes 1yr updates) Renewal (additonal +1yr updates)
Freeware Edition (v3.2 only) - no time limit, some feature limits.
DX Studio Freeware Edition £free £free
Pro Edition - full license to sell or use content commercially, no further royalties, no feature limits.
DX Studio Commercial Pro Edition £0.00 £0.00

A Corporate License is also available - full source code available to customize, no further royalties, unlimited Commercial Pro editors. Contact support for more info or to purchase.