Large Terrain and Vegetation system

DX Studio can handle unlimited size terrains with high levels of details. Using module streaming you can bring in only the areas required, when they are needed. Paint vegetation and other meshes such as rocks directly to your terrain.

Dense Vegetation system
From a dense jungle to open planes DX Studios vegetation system is easy to implement. Paint the plants, trees, meshes or billboards directly to the terrain with control over random scale and rotation.


Multi texture shader material
With the built in multi texture shader you can layer and blend 4 different ground textures (incl base texture). Paint your paths, cliff faces or open grassy planes directly to your terrain.Make your terrain come alive.


Terrain streaming
Using the built in module streaming system, terrains of a very large scale can be managed.

Mesh Based system
With the system being mesh based you can edit your terrain from your favorite 3D modeling package or terrain creation software. Add caves and tunnels, let your imagination run free.


Light and Shade
Dx Studios terrain system allows you to create and import a lightmap and apply it to your terrain to give it more depth. All vegetation can be set to cast shadows upon the terrain and upon them selves creating a realistic sense of light and shade.

All mesh based objects are turned into a billboard when they are a certain distance from the camera, giving an vast increase in performance.


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