Comprehensive JavaScript Editor

Once you've set up your scene in the editor, you can bring it to life with event driven standard JavaScript. This simple to use yet powerful script will bring life to all of your creations.

Comprehensive word Search
Full word search with replace feature to aid you in making small or global changes to your script.

Tabbed Editor
Have many scripts open via the editors tabs. Easily copy paste between open scripts.

Simplicity in motion
Any property can be simply accessed and changed by script, movement, scaling, rotations, duplication .Everything you change in the main editor can be easily accessed by the objects name or type followed by the property using the easy dot syntax.


Type sensitive auto-complete and code validation
Speed up your scripting with type sensitive auto-complete system and ensure your code is correct with the code validation feature to speed up development.



Script Browser
Locate the script via the editors built in script browser or directly from the object list in the main editor.

Enhance your creativity
Our editor will allow you to have your own script file which can easily be added to the resources and included in the objects script. Great for creating your own functions library for use with all your projects.

Can not find what you need? Use our complete scripting reference wiki to help find that special command or to discover many of the deeper functions.


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