State of the art physics has never been easier, DX Studio uses the same physics system as many of the top 3D engines and commercially released games. PhysX is one of the most advanced physics systems available, enabling your DX Studio creations to have rigid body dynamics, cloth, Vehicle and character physics direct from the editor.



Power under your control
DX Studio offers rigid body dynamics, cloth, Vehicle and character physics all with powerful yet simple to set up properties. Extensive commands are also available from script to give your creation a life of its own. Real time control of gravity and many other parameters give you an experience you won't forget.


Simple Collision
You can build physics hulls for your objects either with simple primitives or use model faces directly all this is made simple from inside the editor.

DX Studio abstracts the physics engine for your documents so you can select to use either Bullet or PhysX behind the scenes with out changing your script.



Easy to set up character system, within minutes you can have a character interacting with the scenery and walking around your world.

Its never been so simple to create realistic cloth. Select it form the physics list and the engine will do the rest.


Full implemented vehicle system, wheels powered by the engine and braking forces, can propel you car into the next decade.


Give your models realism through the use of hinges and joints or create spring systems to add more level of believability to your creations.