Networking and Internet

Your next project or game can now join up with other players over the Lan or internet for simple co-op or full MMO style game play. Read and write to online databases using DX Studios integrated SOAP client. Embed your project into your website or add HTML pages directly into your document. DX Studio give you the tools to reach out.

DX Studio comes with a freely distributable network server application that can be installed as a service on any Windows server and many helper functions. Projects created with DX Studio can then connect to the server and communicate with all the other documents through simple script. Local networking co op games or MMO internet based games are now just a few clicks away.

SOAP and OLEDB Clients

You can pull in and write back data over HTTP using DX Studio's integrated SOAP client, or access databases directly with the OLEDB client. Many commercial website's now expose SOAP services making it easy to pull live content into your DX Studio documents.


  Web Browser
DX Studio contains an integrated web browser for mixing HTML and live web pages into your documents. You can send commands between the page and 3D scene, and even embed Flash content.



  Embed the Player into your website
With a few lines of HTML or even simpler, click on Build HTML from with in the editor and you can have your project open to the world wide web for all to see and enjoy.