More Power

With so many features available you will quickly find the solution to your project. DX Studio offers a complete tool set for creating 3D based products from games to simulators which can all be easily published straight from the editor.By using Active X technology you can add the DX player as a component in your C#, C++ application.

A complete interactive document can be compiled into a single executable. This can then be pressed to CD, emailed, placed on a website or in another archive. The player performs system checks and will download and install any DirectX upgrades that may be necessary.

The free DXMesh API allows you to build compatible DXMesh files quickly and easily in your own code.This will help with building your own exporters and other tools. Please Note: To use the API you will need experience of coding C++ and linking to DLLs.


Web Deployment
You can also publish for the web and mix browser JavaScript/HTML with your DX Studio document. The document or any of its resources may also be made external, either on disk or downloaded over HTTP.



Plug and Play
Using ActiveX technology you can build your own C++, C# or VB.Net applications and just drop the DX Studio Player in as a component. This means you can concentrate on your application code and make use of the high level DX Studio methods and properties for rapid development of 3D applications.

  Vista Gadgets
Build and export your own Vista sidebar gadgets from inside the editor and personalize your desktop