Light and Shade

DX Studio provides a comprehensive lighting solution for your project. Real time shadows to create that compelling atmosphere and dynamic lighting to enhance your scene. This and much more are now just a click away.

Real Time Shadows
You can choose whether to pre-bake your shadows into a second channel, generate mapped shadows with a choice of resolutions, or have Projected shadows. You can also mix and match to provide the best speed/quality for your application.

Different Light Types
DX Studio features both fixed function rendering for legacy systems and a full per-pixel lighting model for more recent graphics cards. Choose from a number of lighting types including spot, directional and point.


Dynamic Lighting
Use single or multiple light sources and types in your project. The lights properties can be controlled via script to give fantastic in game atmosphere.

Light Mapping
DX Studio materials can support a light map if you do not require dynamically updated lights. Add lightmaps to your terrains for extra detail. You can choose whether to pre-bake your shadows into a second channel and generate baked shadows when lights are moved.


Lens Flare
With a swift click of the mouse any light can have its own lens flare from the editors built in system. You then can have full control over how the lens effect will look.


Lighting Effects
All lights can have there own billboard to simulate glows, starburts or any other idea you may want to implement.