Fast Integrated Real time Editor

The integrated 2D and 3D editors let you bring together your models, environments, sounds and effects into a scene and define how it all behaves. By Editing in real time, you can see exactly how the final scene will look with full shadows, per-pixel lighting, and anti-aliased fonts.The simple uncluttered editor layout speeds up your work flow and makes building your games quick, fun and easy.

Customizable Editor Layout

Drag tool bars and side panes to the position that suits the way you want to work. Add folders to your project objects and meshes list to help organize your assets.


Fast intuitive editor controls
Speed and ease of movement around your projects scene. Fast intuitive controls let you quickly move around your scene, zooming, rotating and scaling with out getting in the way of your creativity.



Uncluttered Interface
A simple refreshing interface that hides many deep features. Have only the properties for the selected object showing making this system easy for the beginner to learn but feature Deep for the professional to master.


Preview, debug and build
Press the preview button to see your project run or select debug to enter live values and test your project for easy fault finding and to help you streamline your project.


2D Visual User Interface Editor
Create all your in game screens and interfaces visually with the 2d editor. Layout and add text for interface controls, bitmaps all accessible via the powerful yet simple scripting language.

Drag and Drop Assets
No more opening long file paths, just drag your assets directly to the editor.


Built in Console and context menu
Use the built in console for fast in game feedback and testing or as part of your projects design.
Use the built in right context menu for quality control, full screen access and other in game functions that are easily added via the editor preferences.


More Editor Screen Images