Documentation, Support and Community

DX Studio has a full and comprehensive set of online documentation and one of the friendliest and helpful forums you will ever find, so you never need to be in the dark again about any feature or technique. If your needs are not satisfied by the online help, DX Studio will happily help you find your solution via the fast customer support service.

Documentation is integrated into the editor - just hit F1 with the mouse over any control or form to bring up a relevant page. So Help is just a quick click away.

Online Wiki
The online Wiki is packed with tutorials and demos from many professional users, sharing their experiences and techniques to help you get up to speed with your project. When you are ready you may also share your DX Studio journey with your own wiki entries via the editors built in wiki tool.

Everyone using DX Studio receives a high level of support from both the team and the wider community. We also have a fast turnaround on feature requests, so if there's anything you find you need in the engine just let us know, we are happy to hear from you.


Online Library
A large, Free to use library of assets, made by many members of the community to help you quickly realize the project of your dreams. Select from Model meshes, to complete document demos showing many aspects of DX Studio in use. Be inspired today.

DX Studio has a strong and lively developer community, and sharing of assets and code via the forums and online library is encouraged. The community isn't hidden away until you buy - why not check out the library and forums now!