Controls and Modules

For true rapid application development, nothing beats reusable components, and controls and modules in DX Studio provide this for 2D and 3D respectively. A control behaves like a scene, but you expose properties and methods that will be picked up by a parent scene and hide all the internal workings.


Reusable components for use mostly in 2d scenes can speed up your development. Speed up your interface design with your own user interface components or use controls from the DX Studio library.

Third person Camera Module
Use the character module to give your player first or third person properties.With this special module your camera will not pass through the wall but will gently move in closer to your character as in commercial games.


Again a reusable component for use with 3D scenes to help speed up your production flow. Many modules are available in the ever expanding library.

Streaming Modules
Terrains, large game play areas or larger buildings can be separated into smaller sections and added to a module ready to be streamed in when needed. This is all controlled with the built in module manager section of the editor.


Vehicle Module
Just drop it in and drive around. Use this module to quickly add a vehicle system in your project. Change a few setting to personalize the module for your game, all the physics setting are then kept inside the module for ease of use.


User Interface controls
The library has many user interface components ready for you to add to your projects. Sliders, check boxes, displays, buttons. Simply drag them to your scene and add a little script and you have a quick reusable interface.